Visit Quebec City Ice Hotel

Visit Quebec City Ice Hotel

visit quebec ice hotel

The Quebec City Ice Hotel will open next January 4th and will exhibit its splendor until March 28, 2016, if weather conditions permits it.

At its first built in 2001, the Ice Hotel in Quebec City was inspired by ancestral igloos from the Northern. First in a long line of Scandinavian hotels, the Quebec City Ice Hotel has attracted considerable interest in the Canadian construction of ice and snow. Several Nordic countries to date offer similar constructions and the world of ice carving and snow constantly changing with the growing interest in ice hotels.

January 4 to March 28, 2016, depending on weather conditions, the Ice Hotel will be built under the single theme of rivers. You will be transported in a majestic world where winter is king! Its huge indoor ice bar, its Gothic chapel, its 44 rooms and 17 suites make this snow monster a wonder to discover.

From igloo to Ice Hotel
Igloos are shelters made of ice and snow associated with the Inuit, indigenous people living in the Canadian North territory, and inspired several modern structures, such as the Quebec City Ice Hotel These ancestral shelters were a quick constructions and required minimal equipment to carry. Primarily used by hunters during the winter season, igloos have protected nomadic peoples during many generations, defending them against the predators and the cold.

This ingenious structure was cut using a knife into the ice to shape blocks. Those were used to construct the refuges on site, piece by piece, in the shape of a spiral. A ventilation hole was left on the top of the igloo to prevent suffocation from carbon dioxide generated by the inside fire. The interior was often lined with skins, furs and heated with blubber. Thus, indigenous peoples avoided frostbite and did not have to hang wood on their long way.

Still today, igloos are commonly used during survival excursions in north territory. Aboriginal people living in extreme Northern Canada now have permanent shelters, but the igloo is transmitted from generation to generation.

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