Tips and tricks to save on your hotel nights during a trip

Tips and tricks to save on your hotel nights during a trip

tips and tricks to save on your hotel nights during your trip

Here are a few tips and tricks to save on your hotel nights during a trip.


One of the biggest expenses in travel is, of course, accommodation. Even if you want comfortable rooms, you do not necessarily want to squander your entire travel budget on it. That’s why we will give you some tips and tricks to pay your hotel cheaper.


Remember to book directly at the hotel.

Even though hotel booking sites and other comparators will allow you to find very good rates, do not forget that all the hotels listed here pay a percentage to these third party sites. If you found a hotel that you like on one of these sites, do not hesitate to contact the hotel directly. It is quite possible that they will offer a very attractive rate, sometimes even a little less than the one displayed on a third party site.


Use online booking sites.

This contradicts a bit the previous tip, but in some cases you will get the best price on this kind of site. Indeed, they often offer secret prizes reserved for their members. If you travel often, sites such as even offer very interesting loyalty programs for example 11th free nights, that is to say that your 11th reservation, you will have a reduction corresponding to the average value of your previous nights. It is always appreciated during a long trip.


Subscribe to the hotel newsletter.

If you have found the hotel of your choice, consider subscribing to the hotel’s newsletter so you will see all the promotions it offers. This technique works especially well if you prepare your trip well in advance so you will see promotions go through and make your reservation when a promotion suits you.


Visit the hotel website.

We never think about it since we often reserve on an external site, but it is always interesting to consult the site of the hotel. First, you may find a promotion on the site or an interesting package including the hotel night plus an activity that you plan to do once there. The other reason why you have to visit the hotel’s website is the fact that it may be offering hidden promotions via retargeting. Retargeting is a marketing technique that consists of targeting people who have already visited a site and then offering them advertising on the sites they are used to consulting. Many hotels and hotel chains use this technique by offering a discount to bring back users.


There are other tips to get your less expensive nights however, they are not always interesting. For example, choosing an eccentric hotel. This may seem like a good idea however, you will have to add a budget to get around the city. If you are several, your budget may rise quickly. In addition, you will also lose a lot of time in transport.


You are now ready to book your next hotel nights, have a good trip!