The Australian Pink Floyd Show at the Videotron Centre in Quebec.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show at the Videotron Centre in Quebec.

Since the original band won’t reunite anytime soon, The Australian Pink Floyd Show at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City is the closest to the Pink Floyd experience you can get.


By far the biggest tribute band in the world, The Australian Pink Floyd Show at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City on 12 October, 2019 will comes back to our lovely town with its brand new tour All That You Love.


Since the founding members of the legendary English band Pink Floyd, David Gilmore and Roger Waters are entangled in a quibble whose true reasons are still unknown and subject to all kinds of wacky theories, it is the tribute band The Australian Pink Floyd Show who takes over Pink Floyd duty. And Oh man, who good are they at it!


Founded in 1988 in Adelaide by guitarist Lee Smith, bassist Trevor Turton and percussionist Grant Ross, who have all since left the band, it’s in 1994 that the band is put in the spotlight with concerts during events that mark the 50th anniversary of Gilmour’s birth. The latter had noticed them during one of their concerts and had visited them behind the scenes and had confessed that “he had never attended a Pink Floyd concert” and that he was very impressed by the quality of musicians, the sound and scenic performance the band offers.


Since then, new leaders Steve Mac, Colin Wilson and Jason Sawford have sold more than 4 million concert tickets in 35 different countries. They will be performing for the 10th time in the old capital, having given 7 concerts in the late Colisée de Québec, 1 at the Pavillon de la Jeunesse and 1 at the Grand Théâtre de Québec. This will be a first for them in the brand new amphitheater in Quebec City, the Vidéotron Centre, which is at the cutting edge of technology, both on the audio side and visual.


That’s great, since the experience that members of The Australian Pink Floyd show are trying to recreate is mostly focused on the quality of the sound, which they want to be the most faithful to the original sound created by Waters and Gilmour.


The spectators present will have the pleasure of living the Pink Floyd experience at its best and being immersed in this world which will certainly include the famous wall of the song Another Brick in the Wall, the flying pig of Pigs and a multitude of other scenic accessories that make up this mega-production, definitely the most impressive in the world for a tribute band. Of course, they will also be entitled to other successes of the legendary band like Wish you were here, Cymbaline and of course the timeless ballad Comfortably numb.


Interesting fact that testifies to the beautiful relationship that unites The Australian Pink Floyd Show with the public Québécois, in addition to the numerous shows to which we have had rights over the years, a documentary on the history of the group is turned on the occasion of a their many appearances at the Bell Center in Montreal in 2005, which will be broadcast on the Discovery channel in 2007.


A huge world-class production, outstanding musicians and impeccable sound is what music lovers from Eastern Canada will have the honor to witness at the concert from The Austalian Pink Floyd Show at the Videotron Center in Quebec City on October 12, as part of their tour All That You Love.