Sting and Peter Gabriel at the Quebec City Summer Festival

Sting and Peter Gabriel at the Quebec City Summer Festival

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The opening night of the 49th Quebec City Summer Festival will be ensured by Sting and Peter Gabriel. The organizers promise us a great evening!

The duo was formed for the “Rock Paper Scissors Tour” and will be bringing Sting and Peter Gabriel at the Summer Festival in Quebec City and in some additional cities in Canada and the United States. Sting already participated once in the Summer Festival in 2009 but it will be a first for Peter Gabriel.

Once again this year, the French opening eneving formula has been set aside. Recall that last year, Skrillex opened the festival with an electro evening and the French evening was moved for the first time to July 14 where Patrick Bruel and his friends had the opportunity to celebrate our French cousin’s day! So this year, Soft Rock will be honored with the former leaders of the legendary British bands of the 80s The Police and Genesis that will launch the festivities of FEQ on July 7.

“Rock Paper Scissors” offers a unique concept bringing together two icons Sting and Peter Gabriel music in a production that will provide their greatest hits but also to surprise the audience, sometimes playing alone, sometimes in duet, interpreting their own songs and sharing their playlist.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Sting said he wanted to go on tour and since he enjoys and appreciates his music, he invited Peter Gabriel to join him. They plan to have a lot of fun playing together. They also shared that they thought calling their tour “Rock Paper Scissors” for the following symbolic: Rock for their music, Paper for the offer they could not refuse and Scissors because at the end of the tour, they will separate to continue the road solo.

Only twenty dates have been announced for Rock Paper Scissors Tour. Therefore, this will be a unique opportunity to attend the concert of Sting and Peter Gabriel on the Plains of Abraham during the Summer Festival in Quebec City. A legendary evening ahead!