St. Patrick fest in Quebec City

St. Patrick fest in Quebec City

st-patrick fest in quebec city

St. Patrick in Quebec City is celebrated every early spring, in joy and gladness, and is emphasized in restaurants and bars of the city in many different ways.

The St. Patrick event is originally a Christian holiday celebrating Patrice, the Ireland saint patron. Formerly, Saint-Patrice had explained to his disciples the Irish concept of the Holy Trinity through the symbol of the four-leaf clover. Legend says that during this sermon, the Saint-Patrice would have made all the snakes flee the country and thus converted the Irish people to the true religion. Since then, the men of Ireland show the cloverleaf on their buttonholes as a token of remembrance of this teaching.Today, the fest of St. Patrick is not a religious movement anymore. Although, transported to North America, this Irish tradition took over the years a more festive and friendly appearance. In fact, since 1903, the St Patrick’s Day is an official holiday in Ireland. However, Quebecers do not have this day off to enjoy this time of celebration.

Loving this tradition, the Irish descendants living in Quebec City nevertheless made this day a very special moment. The St. Patrick in Quebec City is usually highlighted by a huge parade where drums, bagpipes, bands, green costumes, kilts and more are in the spotlight! Again this year, the festive Irish spirit will rock the streets of the Old Quebec and will host an enthusiastic crowd March 19th, 2016!

Thereafter, what better way to end the evening in an Irish pub? The Pub St- Patrick is the place of choice for all fans of the green movement! Green beer, a lot of Irish people and a festive atmosphere reigns until the morning!

The St. Patrick Quebec City is now a well-known feast that any good Quebecois is pleased to enjoy!