Slide X at Lac Beauport in Quebec

Slide X at Lac Beauport in Quebec

Slide X au Lac Beauport Quebec
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For a second year already, Quebec City, specifically Lac Beauport, will host an extraordinary event. There are only 3 events of this kind in North America! : the Flip and Fly Slide X.


There are 4 chances to get your adrenaline pumping: June 16, 2018, July 7, 2018, August 12, 2018 and September 1st, 2018.


The first Edition happened last summer. Despite a temperature that did not always cooperate, many curious in search of adrenaline moved for the occasion.


The principle is simple, you climb the top of a ski slope and then hit it like on a toboggan at full speed. Once down, you bounce, which will project you into the air before landing in the water (more or less graceful depending on your ability to control your body in the air).


This year, ridership should be even more important as the summer looks hotter.

The program has a maximum of sensation with the Flip and Fly, but also a beach party atmosphere: food truck, bar and sun. The most beautiful thing in all of this, the tickets are only 35.00$ plus taxes and allow to use the slides unlimitedly all-day long. Free access to the viewer.


The minimum age required is 14 years old. In this case, you will need permission from one of your parents.


If you are visiting Quebec City on one of these dates, do not miss out on this incredible event that will allow you to both fill up your thrills and cool off.


Slide X will take place at the Acrobatix Center, near the center of Ski le Relais, at 1804, boulevard du Lac in Lac-Beauport.

Slide X au Lac Beauport à Québec