Selena Gomez at the Quebec City Summer Festival

Selena Gomez at the Quebec City Summer Festival

selena gomez at quebec city summer festival

Forget about me on July 11 , my plans are made ! Selena Gomez will be at the Quebec City Summer Festival and you are more than welcome ! I do not lack arguments to convince you to come and enjoy this fabulous evening with me!

1. Her greatest success in one spot!
The Quebec City Summer Festival requires its artists to perform a mix of their greatest hits , offering unique shows! Long known for his talents of actresses Selena Gomez continues to surprise us. Her many albums, such as A Year Without Rain Tour , Wo Own the Night Tour and Stars Dance Tour and The Revival have all conquer everyone’s heart. Great sources of modern pop success, the show will be unique and tremendously entertaining !2. It is only $ 80.00 (taxes and service included)
Fan or not of other artists from the Quebec City Summer Festival, $ 80.00 to see an internationnaly renowned artist, whose tickets sell on average $ 150 each minimum, it’s a bargain! The FEQ passes give you access to more than 300 performances of this great music festival with a duration of 11 days on10 stages … you never know, you might be making new discoveries!

3. An awesome stage!
Known for its spectacular scenery and unique landscape, the Quebec City Summer Festival, presented in the Old Capital of Quebec City, worth the trip! Even if you are not fans of music, electrifying atmosphere and size of productions presented are worth a try … especially for Selena Gomez! There is nothing like Selena Gomez live in the heart of a city of more than 400 years, with unique decor and over 200 000 spectators!

4. Talent to spare!
Did you know, even before being a singer, Selena Gomez Disney artist. In fact, since 2004, Selena has starred in several films as Spy Kids, and television series such as Hannah Montana, alongside Miley Cyrus, and Wizards of Waverly Place. In addition to her numerous movies and television success, Selena Gomez has made herself a master in the music industry with several popular hits such as Cannot keep my hands to myself, Come and Get It, The heart wants what it wants, and more. You do not want to be disappointed, the choice is more than easy!

5. A voice-changing modern pop!
Selena Gomez is a pop signer, but do not stick empty lyrics. Each song has a meaning on its own and is personal to the artist. Selena, working on every text she sings, makes them personal and gives a new turn, a unique sound of music that is often empty of all meanings. Nothing is generic with her! Moreover, Selena, strong partisan of children’s rights and ressources equality, is highly involved with UNICEF. She strongly supports this organization that gives disadvantaged children a chance in life. Selena Gomez has so much more than a voice! She used her media power to help others.

Ultimately , the only acceptable reason for not going to Selena Gomez show at the Quebec City Summer Festival is to avoid numerus musical itch! In truth, it is dangerous to visit the Plains of Abraham on July 11, 2016 , you may fell in love with a very talented artist and harass your family with Vevo videos !

In all cases, I will be at the Quebec City Summer Festival from 7 to 17 July 2016. I plan to camp and live in the Old quebec a few days to ensure myself the best seats for this unique experience !

Selena Gomez is a must see!!