Quebec maple products

Quebec maple products

quebec maple products

The Quebec maple products are full of culinary possibilities. Enjoy the arrival of spring to appreciate these delights and make the necessary provisions for next year!

Maple, noble and proud tree of the North America mixed forests, is also the producer of the well-known maple sap. Recovered during the spring thaw, this water, composed of 97% natural sugars, is then boiled to create the delicious maple syrup. It is subsequently possible to change its state so that it is more concentrated or more granular, usefulness according to its purpose. Anyway, in all their forms, the Quebec maple products are awesome!

Producer of about 75 % of the world maple products availability, which is about 60 million pounds of maple syrup per year, Canada distributes the Quebec City maple products in 52 countries. This perfect substitute for regular sugar provides several powerful antioxidants beneficial to the human body as well as several minerals such as manganese, riboflavin, zinc and magnesium. Consumption of products with these very special virtues substantially reduces oxidative stress, a pathology mainly at the origin of several diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Perfect replacement for regular white sugar in everyday recipes, the Quebec City maple products are a healthy and way tastier alternative! Composed entirely of natural unmodified sugars, the maple syrup adds flavor and comfort in all the traditional Quebecer and Canadian dishes. This gold color liquid is sought worldwide and its consumption has enlarged dramatically in Asia in the recent years. The Quebec maple products are increasingly popular around the world, creating a significant growth in demand. Maple is a booming market, charming the world’s population with its unique flavor and impressive properties.

Whether in the form of syrup, taffy, sugar, butter or other, the Quebec maple products are just as delicious as each other. No wonder that one can enjoy it all year round in the many sugar shacks in Quebec City!

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