Nordik Village of the Old Port of Quebec City

Nordik Village of the Old Port of Quebec City

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The Nordik Village of the Old Port of Quebec City will be launch by January 2016 and will offer young and older a large urban ice fishing spot, sledding and ice skating!

Indeed, this winter, the Nordik Village will host residents and tourists that came to discover the joys of winter in Quebec City. Besides the main ice fishing activity on the Bassin Louise, ice trails, a skating rink and slides will transform the Nordik Village into an affordable family experience for anyone looking to have fun outdoors without leaving Downtown Quebec City area.


What: Nordik Village of the Old Port of Quebec City
Where: Bassin Louise
When: from January 14 to March 13 2016 (subject to change following the weather), on Thursdays and Sundays from 11am to 5pm & Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 8pm.
Cost: Access to the outdoor site is free. Access to the ice path, ice rink and slides costs 2$. Skate rental is available on site. The cost of ice fishing depends on the chosen option. The fishing license is not required.
Reservation: 418-523-3112
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Ice fishing
Whether you are a novice, an experienced fisherman or have never fished in your life, you can soon enjoy the only location in Quebec City to ice fishing in urban areas. The Bassin Louise was stocked with several species in addition to the already present species including trout, black or yellow walleye, perch, burbot, pike*, sturgeon*, muskellunge* and bearded* (* to return to the water). Following your fishing, the Old Port Market, which is located close, offers to prepare your catch by emptying and cleaning them and then turning them into a delicious meal available with a choice of two options.

Outdoor Fishing:
You may reserve a block of three hours. The price includes a maximum of 3 fish per paying person, drilling holes, all the necessary equipment for fishing and bait and access to the ice path, the ice and slides.
Adult (14 and over): 12.50$ weekday / 15$ weekend
Children (7-13 years): 7.50$ weekdays / 10$ on weekends
Children (6 years and -): free when accompanied by an adult

Fishing in an igloo:
For the more comfort, it may be worth it to opt for fishing in heated inflatable igloo. For the same inclusions, you can enjoy a bold shelter where you can enjoy fishing sheltered from wind and weather that only Mother Nature controls!
Adult (14 and over): 20$ weekday / 22.50$ weekend
Children (7-13 years): 12.50$ weekday / 15$ weekend
Children (6 years and -): free when accompanied by an adult

Slides, ice rink and ice trails
At the low cost of 2$ per person, the Nordik Village of the Port of Quebec offers two slides where children and adults will experience thrills. You are also invited to browse your skates and the ice rink specially trail and over 1 km on both day and night in the magical setting of the Old Port of Quebec. The skate rental is also available on site.

The Nordik Village of the Bassin Louise offers therefore a unique winter experience with its vast playground where different activities will certainly make your day memorable. We look forward to live the experience!