NHL Quebec City

NHL Quebec

Expansion in the NHL: Quebec City is about to obtain the return of a professional hockey team, to the delight of Quebec hockey fans!


Since the departure of the Nordiques in 1995, hockey fans are mourning and are dreaming about the possible return of their favorite team to revive the Quebec-Montreal rivalry. With the creation of the group “j’ai ma place” in 2008, Quebec City sent a clear message to the leaders of the NHL: Quebec City wants seriously a team, and will do everything needed to get it, even building a new amphitheater on the cutting edge of technology.In 2010, the “blue march” which gathered thousands of people on the Plains of Abraham in support of the construction of the new amphitheater convinced the various levels of government to provide financial support for the ambitious project. Project that was started with the official first shovel in the ground in September 2012, and finalized in the fall of 2015 with the official opening of the new Videotron Centre. For the occasion, free tours were offered to the public during a week and major concerts such as Metallica, Madonna and Shania Twain took place.


Meanwhile the long awaited return of a National Hockey League team in Quebec City, it is the Remparts of Quebec, the local team of the LJMQ, who inaugurated the ice of the Videotron Centre on September 12. A pre-season game between two NHL teams, Canadians vs Penguins, was also held on September 28 and the event was sold out! Proving once again that there is a strong market for the NHL in Quebec City.


Following the announcement of Gary Bettman last June on an expansion of the NHL, Quebec City, quintessential hockey town, hastened to submit an application in order to finally get back a professional hockey team to evolve in the new Videotron Centre. Now that all steps of the nomination have been completed, all hopes are for Quebecers who want the return of the Nordiques.


Quebec City has never been so close to its goal!