Muse at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City

Muse at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City

Muse at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City

We finally have a date. March 31st will be your chance to see “the best show on earth” with Muse at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City, part of their Simulation Theory World Tour.

We all knew that they would be back for a 4th show in 3 years in the old capital. Now, you can reserve the date of March 31, 2019 to be certain not to miss Muse at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City, which will take place as part of their new Simulation Theory World Tour which is inspired by their new album of the same name, the band’s 8th studio recording


During their most recent visit to Quebec, the group closed the 50th edition of the Quebec City Summer Festival with an extraordinary performance, but too short according to many, including yours truly.


The tickets will go on sale on November 16th on the Videotron Centre’s website. Those who have already purchased the album, which officially comes out on November 9, will have access to a special presale on November 13, 2018.


The band Walk the Moon will warm up the crowd before the appearance of the British trio, and I bet it will be a formality with their success Shut up and Dance, which has more than 600 million listening on Spotify , more than any song of those they will precede on stage. What better than festive rock to start this evening that promises to be memorable, with two groups at the height of their fame.

A musical… and visual experience.


For more than a decade now, the trio of singer / guitarist Matt Bellamy, drummer Dominic Howard and bassist Chris Wolstenholme have garnered praise from the world’s leading music magazines. Like many other international groups, Muse uses several special effects and stage props, but what sets them apart most other artists is the innovation they bring to each tour. Whether using interactive holographic images, giant drones, 3D effects or simply ultra-compact lasers, the group always tries to remain at the forefront of technology during their performances.


The upcoming Simulation Theory World Tour will certainly be no exception to this rule, since the video clips of the 5 previously unveiled singles show a retro backdrop to the 80’s with bright colors contrasted by dark environments like zombies and skeletons. The clip from song The Dark Side should give a good foretaste of what visual environment will look like on stage during the concerts.


In addition to the many visual effects, Muse is also recognized as one of the most professional bands on stage with almost impeccable musical performances by musicians and a technical team of real-high caliber. As proof, they are often nominated for trophies in the category Best live performance during galas of international staves like the BRIT Awards and the MTV Music Awards.

Simulation Theory.

The newest studio album by the Teignmouth, Devonshire, England trio, Simulation Theory is a return to 80’s style, visually at least. With 5 clips already available on different platforms, we can already see a lighter and funky trend with the titles Something Human and Pressure. Dig Down and Thought Contagion remain in darker notes though the latter is very catchy, with contagious energy for The Dark Side.

muse simulation theory album

It will be an evening of with surprises and wonders during the concert of Muse at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City on March 31, 2019 with the presentation of their most recent Simulation Theory World Tour.

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