Melissa Ethridge at the Quebec City Summer Festival

Melissa Ethridge at the Quebec City Summer Festival

Melissa Etheridge au Festival d'été de Québec

“The First Lady of Rock and Roll” Melissa Etheridge, will be present at the Quebec City Summer Festival on July 6, on the Loto Quebec stage.


Melissa Lou Etheridge was born in Kansas in 1961. This composer-songwriter is very well known in the United States both for her musical career and for her commitment to the gay cause she has been advocating since coming out in 1993 ( During the inaugural ball of Bill Clinton).


She has more than 15 studios albums including several Christmas albums and several “best of”, and her attraction for music begins very early as she begins to play the guitar from the age of 8! During her teenage years, she took pleasure in playing the best classics in country music. Later, she joined the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, which she gave up after three semesters to try her luck in Los Angeles, CA. There, she is discovered during a performance in a bar. She thus joins a label of music and signs to compose films soundtracks.


Her first album was released in 1988 and her career quickly faded. Bruce Springsteen is a fan of albums and awards. In 1993, her song Yes I Am will stay no less than 138 weeks in Billboard 200! Obviously, she will receive an incredible number of awards for this song.


In 2004, she had to interrupt her breast cancer career, which she fought successfully. Her latest album was released in 2016 and is entitled Memphis Rock and Soul


She also received the Oscar for Best Original Song for I Need to Wake Up, which is featured in Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth documentary.



His concerts in the United States still gather a lot of fans. No doubt that her coming of Melissa Etheridge to the Quebec City’s Summer Festival will delight her many fans across Canada.