Light path Nouvo St-Roch in Downtown Quebec City

Light path Nouvo St-Roch in Downtown Quebec City

light path nouvo st-roch

A new bright and interactive project is taking place downtown Quebec City. The “Light Path in St-Roch” illuminates the neighborhood streets starting December 2015!

Funded by the City of Quebec, this project was realized in collaboration by firms BlackOut Design and Ombrage, and is presented by the Business Development Corporation (SDC) of St-Roch.

The light path is visible between St. Joseph Street, between Caron and St-Dominique streets. Interactive and fun, the animation will be activated and will vary with passersby. More than 12,500 LED lights have been installed on sbout 50 uplighters of the St-Joseph Street. Moreover, it can be observed on the facades of the Gabrielle-Roy Library and Hotel Pur with two videos, produced by Film Nova.

The light path Nouvo St-Roch will be active from December 9th, 2015 to February 29th, 2016 for the moment but the project could be extended over time, depending on the reception that the project will benefit from residents, workers and tourists who visit the Nouvo St-Roch daily. This being said, it is already expected that the CDS business people can use the lighting system throughout the year, particularly by modulating the colors according to the season, current events or otherwise.

Ms. Alexandrine Cardin-Dubé, CEO of SDC St-Roch said they wanted a project that was “(…) reflecting the image of St. Roch District, dynamic, urban, innovative and techno-representative character of the neighborhood.”

Recall that last year,as a result of a lack of financing, the St-Joseph St. had remained in the dark all winter and light decorations had not been installed, opposed to past years. While Cartier Street has had a makeover last year by adding decorative giants lampshades representing the works of art of Quebeker artists, this year, all indications are that it is now the turn of the Lower Town to shine with the new light path in St-Roch project that we will certainly eyeful! A project by St Roch, for St-Roch!