Isabelle Boulay at the Quebec City Summer Festival

Isabelle Boulay at the Quebec City Summer Festival

Isabelle Boulay at the Quebec City Summer Festival

Quebec singer Isabelle Boulay will be at the Quebec City Summer Festival during the opening night of the 50th edition.

We now know what to expect for the opening night of the 50th edition, with the presence of Quebec singer Isabelle Boulay at the Quebec City Summer Festival on the Bell stage of the Plains of Abraham. She will be accompanied by the Québec Symphony Orchestra and several other artists from the Belle province during this evening dedicated to Francophone song, a tradition that the Quebec City Festival Festival management is very keen to perpetuate.


Winner of the Petite Vallée Song Festival in 1990 when she was barely 18 years old, after her friends enrolled her without her consent, Isabelle Boulay  is spoted for her lyrics by the famous opera composer Luc Plamondon after lending her voice to the biographical television series Alys Robi, performed by actress Joëlle Morin and produced by Denise Filiatrault in 1996. Plamondon offers the role of Marie-Jeanne in his Rock opera Starmania and it is this project of international scope that will make her known to the general public, in France as well as in Quebec, with more than 350 shows. The prolific composer also offers her first great success Je t’oublierais, je t’oublierais, first excerpt from her second album États d’Amour which was released in 1998.


Since then, she has participated in several projects of various sizes including a performance alongside Vincent Vallières and the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra. She has, of course, recorded several studio and concert albums and has collaborated with dozens of other Francophone artists, many of whom are expected to join her on the Plains of Abraham stage on July 6th. Since 2014, she is best known for her role as a “coach” in the popular TVA talent show La Voix where she stars with other Quebec songwriters Alex Nevsky, Éric Lapointe and Marc Dupré.


Isabelle has produced more then 14 albums. Her lastest is named Merci Serge Reggiani and date from 2014. Here are the names of some of them :

1996 : Fallait pas
1998 : États d’amour
2000 : Scènes d’amour
2000 : Mieux qu’ici-bas
2002 : Ses plus belles histoires
2003 : Au moment d’être à vous
2004 : Tout un jour
2005 : Du temps pour toi
2007 : De retour à la source
2008 : Nos lendemains
2009 : Chansons pour les mois d’hiver
2011 : Les Grands Espaces
2014 : Merci Serge Reggiani



What: Isabelle Boulay at the opening night of the Québec City Summer Festival with the Quebec City Symphonic Orchestra.

When: July 6, 2017

Where: Bell Scene of the Plains of Abraham

Tickets: Summer Festival passes are on sale at a cost of $ 95 until June 6, and at a cost of $ 105.

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