Iron Maiden in Quebec City

iron maiden in quebec city

Heavy metal band Iron Maiden will visit the Quebec City’s Videotron Centre on July 16, 2017 as part of their “The Book of Souls” tour.


“… the heart of metal is here, in Quebec City! “Said singer Bruce Dickinson during a visit to the Quebec City Summer Festival in 2010. And he could not have said it better. The love story between the biggest metal bands in the world, Iron Maiden and Metallica, and the public in Quebec City is widely documented. So it’s no surprise to see these music giants landing in Quebec every time they brush against the North American soil … or almost.


They had indeed avoided Quebec City during the first part of this tour in 2016, but amidst the protest that this omission had aroused, they could not do the same blow twice. It will be the first show in Quebec City of this most recent tour, The book of soul, inspired by their latest album of the same name released in 2015. It is the 16th studio album of the group formed in 1975 by Steve Harris and Dave Murray, Who also gave us 11 albums in concert and seven compilations.


What: Iron Maiden with his tour “The book of souls”
Where: Quebec City Videotron Centre
When: Sunday


The first part of the show will be performed by the band Ghost, a doom-metal group formed in 2008 in Sweden and which is a great success on the world metal scene thanks to their 3rd studio album Meliora and the piece Cirice, which earned them The Grammy award for the best metal performance of the year 2016.


Strangely enough, this date coincides with the end of the Quebec International Summer Festival. So it’s a safe bet that the closing show of the summer festival will not feature a Rock artist.


It is therefore an event not to be missed for all the “Troopers” and the “Maiden head” of Quebec.

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