Horse drawn carriage of Old Quebec

Horse Carriage in Quebec City


During your stay at our hotel in Quebec, it is the perfect time to spoil yourself with a Horse drawn carriage of Old Quebec.


Weddings are memorable events for both the bride and groom, but it also has to be for their guests. What better then to impress the gallery than to arrive in a carriage decorated for the occasion?

Arriving at your wedding venue in a carriage in Old Quebec, you will feel like the king and queen of fairy tales. In fact, if your wedding theme is centered on history, you have to take advantage of the various historical tours offered by Les Calèches du Vieux-Québec.


Don’t really care about History? Ask your coachman to borrow the most romantic streets instead of doing a history class. They have routes specifically designed for romantic walks.


Here is a list of the various walks offered by Les Calèches du Vieux Québec:


The Frontenac
Price: 100.00$, Duration: 40 MINUTES
You will see : Parliament Hill, Plaines of Abraham, Joan of Arc Gardens, Martello towers, Citadelle, Fortifications, St-Louis et Duke of Kent gates, Place d’Armes square, Chateau Frontenac, Anglican Cathedral and much more …


The Remparts
Price: 190.00$, Duration: 80 MINUTES
You will see: The «FRONTENAC» tour plus the Fortifications or Battery of the city: Latin Quarters, St-Denis, St-Geneviève, St-John, St-Ursule and Hamel streets. As well, you will see Charlevoix alley, St-Augustine Monastary, Quebec Seminary, Louis-Hebert statue, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Governor’s Garden, Dufferin terrace and much more …


The Champlain
Price: 280.00$, Duration: 120 MINUTES
You will see: Combination of The «FRONTENAC and REMPARTS » tours plus the residence of the Premier of Quebec, Ursuline

Convent, numerous monuments, the Lower town, old Port, Dinan and Mountain Hills, St-Paul, St-Pierre, St-Andre and Dalhousie streets. Added to that, you will also have the opportunity to pass by Antique stores, the Civilisation Museum, view of St-Lawrence River and much more…


The horse, guided by his driver, can be brought at a slow pace so that tourists can see the beautiful views all around the old city. The carriages are built to ensure that you can enjoy the scenery all around and you can enjoy it to take beautiful pictures. In the Old City, there are a multitude of attractions that will quickly encourage visitors to try a ride in carriages at a very affordable price, because a trip to the Old City will not be complete without such a experience in one of our carriages Quebec .


The mission of the drivers of Old Quebec is to live a legacy to their customers unforgettable romantic experience and flavor. Companies offer different route through the streets of Old Quebec for all kinds of events such as weddings, balls graduation or funeral. Companies of carriages in Old Quebec partner with several hotels and restaurants of Old Quebec and a member of the Tourism Quebec and several other associations.


The Best Western PLUS Downtown Quebec is located close circuit different companies offering tours carriages in Old Quebec , let you drive!