Green Day is coming back in Quebec City at the Videotron Centre

Green Day is coming back in Quebec City at the Videotron Centre

Green Day Videotron Centre Quebec City

Get your studded jacket and grow a Mohawk ready, the world’s most famous punk-rock band, Green Day, is coming to Québec City’s Vidéotron Centre on March 23 2017.


It’s already been 4 years since the trio set fire to the late Pepsi Coliseum with their 99 Revolutions tour on April 2013, and it’s with their brand new album Revolution Radio that Green Day will set foot in the brand new Videotron Centre in Québec, with the band Against me as their first act. Visit the Videotron Centre’s webpage.


Having taken the music world by storm in the early 90’ with their flagship album Dookie, Green Day is since then considered as the band that revived the punk-rock movement initiated by bands such as The Ramones and Sex Pistols. Songs like Longview, When I Come Around and especially Basket Case propels the trio composed of lead guitarist and singer Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool to the top of the charts. It is actually this same fame, and the fact the their songs were played by commercial radios, that led those who adopted the punk life style since its beginning to say that the band actually destroyed the movement by making it popular, something that is opposite to the founding ideas of marginality the movement originated from. We owe the expression “pop-punk” to them, as they thought the term would separate the original movement from this mercantile perjury. But it’s already too late; Green day’s rise to the top has already allowed bands such as Rancid, Blink 182 and The Offspring to refresh the punk movement, and create a new generation of rebels with ripped jeans, high knee military boots and studded jackets… and sell millions of records in the process. Process which is of course contrary to the funding ideas of the movement, which vows to be an alternative to the laws of trade and modern society. Revolution is dead! Long live the revolution!


With their new world wide fame, Green Day launches their new Album Insomniac in 1995 with titles such as Brain Stew, Geek Stink Breath, Walking Contradiction and 86, which is aimed at their critics who said that they had destroyed the movement, telling them to evolve, that we are no longer living in 1986. That message seemed to have been heard, as most of those original punk aficionados consider this album as the closest to the original punk-rock sound of the late 70’.

With Nimrod, launched in 1997, Green Day brings new sounds to their music by using Folk for their song Walking Alone, Ska for King Of The Day, and even an orchestra for their ballad Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). Critics are awed by the album, but fans are not so enthousiast, as they feel the band as drifted to far from their punk-rock sound to embrace a more docile style of music.


The launch of Warning at the turn of the Millenium does little to satisfy those hardcore fans, who began to realise that it might be the demise of Green Day. Despite the first single Warning earning them certain success with fans, they snub the album, which will end up selling only 500,000 copies in the United-States, compared to few millions for each album since Dookie. Band members decide to put the project on hold, and many believe that they took the opportunity to get out of their new and, most of the time, hard to deal with fame while still enjoying the thrill of playing in a rock band by creating the band The Network. Despite them wearing mask and costumes at shows, many recognize the voice or the members’ mimics on stage, and link them to the members of Green day, and as no one ever claimed to be members of The Networks, it added water to the rumor mill that it was in fact Green Day playing. They then fell into ignorance, playing only a few gigs in the following 3 years, notably their long awaited participation in the famous road festival Vans Warped Tour. People thought that it was over, that they had vanished from the musical landscape. How wrong were they!!

It’s at the end of 2004 that Green Day rises from the dead with their Punk-Opera concept album American Idiots, which sells more than 250,000 copies in the first week only, propelling them to their first top of the Billboard chart. The album tells the story of Jesus of Suburbia who rejects the American Society (American Idiots) then embark on a journey that will lead him on The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, where he meets Saint-Jimmy, its schizophrenic alter-ego, then the beautiful “whatshername”, to then do his homecoming. Critics and fans agree: Green Day is back, and brings a new generation of young fans. The album even gets its own Broadway production, which will become a huge success. Even Billie Joe himself will play the role of St-Jimmy on the final representation of the play.

Then in 2006, following the devastation of hurricane Katrina in New-Orleans, Green Day joins with the Irish band U2 to perform a cover of the Scottish band The Skids’s song The Saints Are Coming when the NFL team of the same name returns to the badly damaged Superdome, where thousands of people took refuge in the aftermath of the storm. All profits from the sale of the single went to replace the damaged or lost music instruments in the area.


Revitalize by their renewed success, Green Day fires back in 2009 with their 8th studio album 21 century breakdown. Still within the concept of the Punk-Rock Opera, as their previous album, 21st century breakdown even gets separated in 3 “acts”. Although welcomed by critics and fans alike, it fails at bringing the band to new level of glory, as its predecessor did 5 years earlier. Titles such as 21st century breakdown and 21 guns do become popular hits for the ages.


In 2012, it’s a trio of albums that comes out of the unpredictable punk trio’s mind. ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! et ¡Tré! are all launched within few weeks at the end of the year, and includes a total of 36 titles from which most of new songs, but also never recorded songs like 99 Revolution, one that they had only played live while on their side project Foxboro Hot Tubs. Those 3 albums brings once again a new sound to the band with more rhythm, but despite good review from the critics, fans did not bought into the new sound, as album sales were not even close to what their last 2 albums had been.


With their most recent album Revolution Radio, Green Day brings us back to the basics of punk-rock music, with a simple album: 12 tracks that are not linked one to another, that are not part of a general concept or a trio of album, just good old –fashion, pure but actual punk-rock that they have been known to produce for more than two decades now. Learn more about the band by visiting their webpage at:


It’s a “must see” show then, and if you want to know what other shows will be presented at the Videotron Centre in the coming year, visit our page Videotron Centre Program.