Flo Rida at the Beauport Bay of Quebec

Flo Rida at the Beauport Bay of Quebec

Flo Rida at the Beauport Bay of Quebec

An evening of heat, dancing and mega-hits awaits you on July 20, 2019 at the show of the American rapper Flo Rida at the Bay of Beauport in Quebec City.


Relive some of the greatest hits of the turn of the decade at the concert of popular American rapper Flo Rida at the Bay of Beauport in Quebec City on July 20, 2019. Although his star has fade a bit over the past few years, the hits that have made the artist from Carol City, Florida famous are still popular in 2019. Everyone knows the songs of Flo Rida, even if you do not really know that it is he who is at the origin.


We have only to think of Low, who made it known to the general public in 2008 or Right Around released in 2009 and which includes the collaboration of another star of the Hip-Hop Kesha scene. But we should not forget the earworm Whistle that came out in 2012 with the album My House, the title song also being a success that you will certainly recognize.

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In fact, this album remains the last launched by Flo Rida, Tramar Lacel Dillard of his real name, although he announced last August that he was working on new material that was to be available in early 2019. Who knows, can is he waiting for his performance at the Bay of Beauport.


Opened to the public in the summer of 2010, the Baie de Beauport is becoming more and more important in the calendar of activities offered in the Greater Quebec City area, with, in addition to swimming in the St. Lawrence River, Kite lessons. Surfing, the opportunity to rent watercraft such as kayaks, open-air cinema and comedy and music shows.


Street food trucks, commonly known as Food Trucks, allow visitors to satiate, although the Bay offers what they call a Bike-BQ that allows people to cook their own steak if they wish. Despite the presence of restaurant owners on site, it is therefore possible to bring your own snack and picnic quietly while basking in the sun.

An idyllic site, warm sand, beautiful people and especially hits by the ton, this is what awaits you on July 20, 2019 during the Flo Rida show at the Beauport Bay in Quebec City.