Dog sleighing in Quebec City with Aventure InukShuk

Dog sleighing in Quebec City with Aventure InukShuk

dog sleighing ballad aventure inukshuk

During your stay in Quebec City, dog sleighing is a must do activity especially if you love dogs and the outdoors!

Aventure Inukshuk is located in Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier and offers four different types of activities depending on the season: bear watching, the labyrinth, snowmobile rides and dog sleighing.

Let me share with you my first-time experience with one of their packages « The Ballad » in dog sleighing in Quebec City .

It has been a couple of years since I wanted to try dog sleighing in Quebec City, since I simply adore dogs, even more so the Siberian husky. On the last week-end of January, I was finally able to enjoy and share this unique experience with my other half. The package I tried was called « The Ballad » which is about an hour of dog sleighing in the Quebec City forest, with instructions on how to operate the sleigh and hot chocolate at the end.

That Sunday morning we dressed up very warmly due to the weather being at -32°C. We arrived at the Aventure Inukshuk 30 minutes before our reservations to fill out forms, given instructions at how the activity will run and that we would be transported (5 minute ride) to where the dogs and activity would take place.

Once we got there, we met up with our guide that took time to explain the rules, how to operate the sleigh and that at the end of our tour, we would warm up to hot chocolate and meet a few recently born puppies!

I settle under the blanket while my boyfriend was the assigned driver for the entire course. The moment we took our places on the sleigh, our dogs started to go nuts! They just could not wait to pull and be on their merry way. Our guide took point and off we went into the forest.

Despite the cold weather that day, being pulled by six huskies through the wilderness was simply amazing. The trees and fields were covered with fresh snow, it was worthy of a Kodak moment.

During our adventure, we soon saw that each dog has their own personality and unique traits. Seeing the dynamic of a pack of dogs up close was interesting and quite enjoyable during the trip.

Upon getting back to camp, we were eager to move around and get warmer. We were led to a tent with a small fireplace and very hot chocolate to warm us from our tour, which was more than welcomed. A nice surprise and to finish the adventure with a bang, we were introduced to 3 new puppies that was only 3 weeks old. Little ball of furs that were so cute you only want to cuddle and kiss them!

If and when you plan to do the dog sleighing activity in Quebec City, here is my advice; dress even more warmly and be sure to cover your face as much as possible, especially when its windy. We initially thought we had dressed warm enough, but even so we did get cold, mostly at the feet. Next time, we will definitely be adding some layers!