DNCE at the Québec Summer Festival in July

DNCE at the Québec Summer Festival in July

DNCE at the Quebec City Summer FestivalDuring the unveiling of the 50 artists who will perform at the Quebec City Summer Festival in 2017 (other names will be announced), the presence of DNCE was unveiled.


The group that was rendered famous by its single Cake by the Ocean (which will climb to the ninth place of the famous Billboard Hot 100) in 2015 will put the atmosphere at the FEQ.


The band, which is rather recent, is composed of 4 members including Joe Jonas, who is already known for his previous group The Jonas Brother that he created with his brothers, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee.


In order to promote themselves, DNCE first gave secret concerts in New York and Joe Jonas unveiled a video presenting his new band, thus taking advantage of his notoriety.


Indeed, Joe Jonas is already well known, because he already has a long career behind him.

He made his first steps in the world of the musical on Brodway with La Bohème. It was his brother Nick who inspired him to try his hand at singing. He will then be the singer of the group Jonas Brother, along his brothers. The group will release four albums before their very public split.


In addition to his singing career, he also acts. He plays with his brothers in Disney movies and, subsequently, will have his own series on his band. He also made appearances in Hannah Montana, Beverley Hills 90210, etc.


It is in 2010 that he decides to start a solo career to finally create a new group in 2015: DNCE, which will be present in July at the FEQ.


Their first single had a rather slow start, but eventually managed to spread throughout the world and was very successful. Their new single Toothbrush seems to follow the same path.