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With the objective of offering a superior product with a dedicated and personalized service, we need your feedback in order to get there.


With the advent of websites like TripAdvisor several years ago, customers now have the opportunity to leave public comments on the services they consume, whether at a furniture retailer, a car dealer, an airline or In a hotel establishment. Not only does this practice greatly facilitate the decision-making process when it comes to choosing which company it is best to do business with, but it gives companies that are on the lookout for their customers’ desires an indispensable tool to identify points to improve in order to please all types of clientele.


Let us know your comments about your most recent stay.



For hotels, it is of course TripAdvisor that leads the prom, with several millions of hotels listed worldwide. The site offers a fast, efficient and reliable way to learn about the different hotel services to choose for your next trip, whether for business or pleasure. With its contributors’ classification system, which gives you the opportunity to see if he comments in good faith or is a simple “troll”, the site has established itself as the undisputed leader in the field.

Best Western also has its platform for its customers to assess their latest visit to one of their property by sending email surveys through Medallia.

This almost complete domination is now endangered by the giant web Google, which now offers a service similar to its users. Moreover, third party booking sites like Expedia and already offer a platform that allows their customers to comment on their stay directly on their website.


With all these tools at their disposal, travelers are strongly encouraged to express their opinions, for the benefit of other visitors as well as those of hotels.

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