Aventure Inukshuk Quebec

Aventure Inukshuk

Offering numerous summer and winter activities, Aventure Inukshuk is not to be missed during your stay at the Best Western Plus Downtown Quebec.


Aventure Inukshuk is a business of adventure and discovery in Quebec. This pioneer of animal exploration, located on a beautiful site in the heart of Quebec’s lush nature promises you a unique experience!


During the winter season, it is one of the companies offering to discover the breathtaking scenery of Quebec’s forests on a sled pulled by dogs. The dogsledding is, in fact, one of the Nordic countries aboriginal transportation still practiced to these days. Captivating, it allows adventurers to become familiar with the canine presence, while learning about their interactions and their lifestyle. These fascinating animals are also making a surprising pulling force when harnessed to sleds.


This activity is priceless because it will give you unforgettable memories! During the cold season only, their professional and safe guides await young and older to experience a notable experience!


During the summer, Aventure Inukshuk reviews its activities to allow you to discover, in harmony with nature, the excitement of the fauna and flora of Quebec. Offering several activities, such as observation of the black bear and the largest maze in Quebec City, no one is bored. Accompanied by qualified guides, all can roam the protected forests of the Jacques-Cartier in order to observe and learn from this iconic omnivore. Sometimes feared, but always admired, black bear Quebec captive curiosity more than one and at you, no doubt the stunning surprises!


Throughout the year, let them guide you while sharing their passion for Quebec’s nature.


Located just 45 minutes’ drive from the Best Western PLUS Downtown Quebec, Aventure Inukshuk is the perfect place to make your stay in Quebec City a memorable time. Our passion and devotion to making your moment with us a success will make you certainly discover Quebec City and its surroundings from top to bottom! In addition, our strategic location, just 15 minutes’ walk from the Old City, will allow you to enjoy good time with us to learn as much as possible about the nature, history and the culture of Quebec! It’s a date!