4 outdoors activities to do on snowy days in Quebec City

4 outdoors activities to do on snowy days in Quebec City

4 outdoors activities to do on snowy days in Quebec City

Visiting Quebec City in winter means enjoying its weather, rain, shine…or snow. Here is a list of activities to do in Quebec City, especially when it’s snowing.


If you are in Quebec City between the months of November and April, there is a good chance that you are here to experience the rudiments of a North American winter. The cold, the ice, the wind, and of course the snow are all part of the Quebecers’ everyday life, and several activities are perfectly suited to the magical scenery Mother Nature brings each year. So for the brave ones who wishes to defy this capricious deity when she puts on her white coat, here are some activities that are even more pleasant to do on these white days because, after all, snow is wonderful!


Dog Sledding

No, you are not in a cartoon or a fairy tale. It is possible to follow the footsteps of the explorers of the far north by letting you be drawn by adorable sled dogs, and just a few minutes from downtown Quebec. Several companies specializing in the breeding and training of sled dogs can provide professional service in a safe environment, and some companies even offer the opportunity to spend the whole day with these charming animals. For more information, please consult the page of the Quebec City Tourism Office.


Dufferin Terrace Slides

Since 1884, even before the construction of the famous Château Frontenac, young and old were enjoying the slides of the Terrace Dufferin and its breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River. Come and perpetuate this winter tradition by launching yourself at over 70 km / h in one of the 3 frozenslopes. If you are lucky, a character who inaugurated this attraction in 1884 will be present on site to tell you the most beautiful stories of this enchanting site. Open from mid-December to mid-March, this attraction brings you back to your childhood, or allows you to pass on your love of snow and its many pleasures to your children and grandchildren. A craving? The café In 1884, which manages the site, offers you hot drinks and a comforting menu, just at the bottom of the slide.

Adress : 6, Terrasse Dufferin, Québec, Qc

Telephone : (au 1884) 418-528-1884

Website: http://www.au1884.ca/en/


Plaines of Abraham’s Ice ring

What would a getaway be like in Quebec City without attempting to stand on ice skates? This is what the Ice Ring of the Plains of Abraham offers you, in a space that can accommodate more than 350 skaters at the same time. Access to the site is free and equipment such as skates, helmets and racks are available for hire at low prices. You can also practice other winter sports such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, all in a breathtaking setting, especially on evenings when snow falls on Québec City. The site is open every day from 10 December to mid-March, depending on the whims of Mother Nature, except for a few days where special events such as the Snow Pentathlon are held, and a chalet is set up to help you put on your skates or simply warm up before another lap.

Phone: 418-208-7722

Website: http://www.ccbn-nbc.gc.ca/en/activities/anneau-glace-plaines-abraham/


Nordik Village at the Old Port of Quebec

From January 19th to March 12th, join thousands of families from all over the world and discover the Nordik Village at the Old Port of Québec City, which offers a range of family activities, typical of the inhabitants of Quebec’s great north. Ice fishing, skating, slides and other goods are on the program to spend a snowy day in good company. Whether it’s sheltered in an inflatable igloo or outside to enjoy the beautiful snow that falls, you will have the opportunity to experience a unique fishing and even to taste the fruits of your hard Work with a full meal, prepared by The Market Kitchen, and featuring the fish you will have taken out of the water yourself. The children will beg you to return, so this is another activity not to be missed.


Address: 160 Quai Saint-André, Québec, QC

Phone: 418-692-0002

Website: https://www.villagenordik.com/en/