10 tips for your vacations in Quebec City

10 tips for your vacations in Quebec City

10 tips for your vacations in Quebec City

You are currently beginning thinking about what you would like to do this summer during your workdays off? Here are 10 tips for successful vacations in Québec City!

Choosing wisely a vacation itinerary in Quebec City including the accommodation, activities, attractions, restaurants and other, is not necessarily obvious. So, you will find in this post 10 essential tips to make choices that you will not regret.


1- Learn about the beautiful city of Quebec from credible sources to be well prepared and make the most of your holiday.

This is the first step for any vacation: get informed well! Which must-see attractions should we visit? What activities should we take part in? Where will we eat? These are essential questions to ask yourself before you even consider finding a place to stay. While browsing the Internet, you can quickly get lost. I suggest you concentrate your efforts on credible sites such as the official website of Quebec City Tourism and the official sites of different organizations that interest you.


2- Check where are located the various attractions and activities that make you think and choose wisely your hotel accordingly.

Well, this may sound simplistic, but, google maps is actually a must-use tool not only to direct us but to plan trips. Using the “directions” tool, one enters a starting point and an ending point and then you can know which way to go and how much time it will take either by car, on foot or by public transport. This is very useful to judge distances to travel and planning trips during your stay in Quebec City.


  1. 3- Compare different accommodations to get the best value.

Many online booking sites offer price-change monitor for a given date. If you are several months in advance, this can be a good strategy. Otherwise, if you are rather last minute, better not take a chance and book your room immediately because the less available room there is, the more prices rise. It’s the law of supply and demand!

Online booking sites have the advantage of listing several hotels in the same region and list a good amount of information on each of them and above all, allows you to compare prices from one institution to another. However, to make a final choice, please follow the tips that follow!

With the arrival of Aibnb in the landscape of the accommodation in Quebec City, some may be tempted to opt for this innovation. You can find on this website rooms or entire appartment that can be rented, often at good prices. By cons, we must be careful with this new practice. Unlike traditional hotels, airbnb do business with no guarantee about the state of the accommodation, consistency of services offered and the credibility of the information provided. And often there is not a big price difference… so then, it is better to opt for a great value that is traditional hotel!

4- If your dates are flexible, make several tests.

General rules, tariffs are higher on Fridays and Saturday evenings since they are generally most popular nights. However, many other factors can come into play and the price of a room varies from one date to another. Maybe there is a major congress this week? Perhaps there is a big event/festival/ show close by that night? Perhaps a group of Japanese tourists occupies half the rooms those nights? Who knows? That is why the ideal is to do research for several different times to secure the best time to travel to Quebec City.


5- Check the inclusions and prices of extras you need.

Generally, online booking sites allow different hoteliers to customize their description sheet, but, the information we can find there is often limited. We advise you to read all the information about the hotel coveted, specific policies, the possible costs to add as for internet access, parking, breakfast, etc. Not sure? Better go check the official website of the hotel in question to validate it and make a decision that will meet your budget at any point.


  1. 6- Visit the official sites to see if you can find exclusive promotional offers.

Enjoy the fact that you verified information on the official site to see if interesting offers could be interesting! Many hotels offer exclusive discounts to customers who book directly with them rather than on the online booking sites. You’d be surprised what you can find!


7- Read reviews on different review sites such as tripadvisor, yelp, google, and those on social media.

This is by far the best way to get an idea of the establishment you’re looking to spend your vacations in Quebec City. There is no better way to make an informed decision as reviews left by other travelers like you who came before you. Nowadays, publishing an opinion is very common and although we tended to read rather negative reviews a few years ago, travelers now take care to publishing most complete reviews, with strengths and improvements, with constructive feedback most of the time. So it’s a great way to get a good idea where you are projecting to book before making a final decision.


  1. 8- Follow the chosen hotel on social media in order to be informed of what is happening nearby and enjoy an alternative source of information.

A good way to stay informed about the beautiful city of Quebec before your stay is to follow different pages facebook, twitter account, instagram profile and other key social medias. Why not follow the hotel you plan to stay, the attractions you plan to visit, activities you plan to participate, restaurants than you think to try, etc. This is the ideal place to look at behind the scenes, exclusive promotions and a way to communicate quickly and efficiently!


  1. 9- If you think that there are chances that your plans change, do not book a rate that is conditioned to be non-cancellable, non-refundable.

As I mentioned a little earlier, it is important to read all the conditions before booking online. If you pay in advance for a stay to enjoy a discount, chances are that your reservation can not be canceled in case of emergency or plans changing. Which will be worth you having to still pay for your stay even if you can no longer make it, even for the best reasons in the world. So when in doubt, opt for a tariff that allows the cancellation and refund within a reasonable time. You never know what the future holds!


10- If you book online, pay attention to the currency rate.

With the fall of the Canadian dollar, many customers have been seeing very attractive offers on some American sites. Without knowing, then they reserved in US dollars and not only the price was no more attractive, but more expensive because after the credit card prepayment, your financial institution you will charge you additionally a foreign currency conversion fee. So beware of always validate the currency to ensure that the price is in Canadian dollars!


Suggestions of tools and sources of credible information:

The Office of Tourism Quebec

The office of Quebec tourism aims to advise anyone would want to visit the old capital. A host of useful information can be found on their website (http://www.quebecregion.com/en) or contact an agent by phone at 1-877-783-1608. It is also possible to order or consult online documentation such as official tourist guide to Quebec and the official map of Quebec City and the surrounding area.


Mobile apps

Among all the available applications, I suggest that these are musts during your stay in Quebec City.

* The official travel app of the Quebec City area that provides all the travel information such as hotels, restaurants, shops and events, but in great detail, that is to say, how to get there, move, locator information offices and public toilets, etc).

* The application “Discover Quebec” that lists more than a hundred points property interests located in historic areas of Old Quebec and the Nouvo St-Roch, among others.